Topic: flash gallery has blank page after uploading to server

First my name is Pete.
I did read the FAQs and saw the very problem I'm having. I've tried over and over to fix the problem on my own. I want to buy the pro version but want to be sure I can successfully use the gallery display tool before I purchase the pro version which I do need. I'm using dreamweaver CS% to embed to an existing web page. I'm obviously doing something wrong but can't see it. I'm a novice web page designer with no formal training. Just trying to help my sister with her business. If you can help please do. I'd really appreciate the help!! :) The page does not work in firefox or IE8 but works great locally.

Here's the page

Re: flash gallery has blank page after uploading to server

The gallery is displayed beneath the left-hand sidebar menu.
This is a CSS/layout issue.  Fixing the HTML errors on the page may help.

Also, the images are not displayed.  The path to the images as specified in your 'gallery.xml' file suggests that they should be located in a folder named 'images' but going directly to the first one fails: … G_3657.JPG

Check that the images are in the correct location, make sure that the names of the images match the references in the XML file including the file extension and the case (upper vs lower) and check to see if your host has hotlink protection enabled which may prevent images from being displayed (although not likely a problem with a non-Flash gallery).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: flash gallery has blank page after uploading to server

I'll try that. It's odd that they display fine on my local view and dreamweaver cs5 preview. I'll look at what you suggest. I really like this viewer and would like to get it to work and purchase the pro version. Thank you so much for the response. I'll work on it next weekend and let you know if I solve it. Thank you Steven.