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Topic: Circumventing Action Script 2


Since SV2 can't be embedded into a Flash-file using Action Script 2, I'm wondering if you can trick Flash.
My question is hence, is it possible to load an html (or xhtml or xml) file, which contains the gallery, into an empty movie clip in Flash - which uses Action Script 2 - and this way getting around the Action Script 3 limitation?

I'm asking this 'cause I have a basic knowledge of AS2, and I don't have the interest to learn the more complex AS3 just to get a simple site up and running.

Re: Circumventing Action Script 2

You try using something like SWFBridge or the LocalConnection API.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Circumventing Action Script 2

Thanks for the tip!
In the end I decided to put in the effort and learn some basic AS3. =)