Topic: how can i optimize picture height

i loose lot of height on my 960x640 stage. how can i spare it ?
first it would be nice full screen icon appears at rollover on picture instead of taking a "row" for itself.
second, it would be nice not to display simpleviewer.
Third, using a 2px white border instead of 10px.
with these three conditions, images should use 640px height.
How can i do the two first conditions ?

I have difficulties to estimate influence of caption height.
In fact I'd like to use 5 rows 3 columns thumbs with album name above thumbs and one or two lines of text for caption
and 17/26 image number. I sit possible with 960x640px stage ?

In fact i tried "liquid" mode of turning gate in stage ce and have strange phenomenon on my 1024x600px display of my asus 10" eeepc. header and footer take place on the screen and then, instead of having simpleviewer fit between them, first row of thumb is truncated and image is very small.

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Re: how can i optimize picture height

There are many ways you can customize SimpleViewer-Pro to increase the size of the main image. Try playing with the config options in svBuilder-Pro. Setting 'galleryStyle' to 'COMPACT' should help. Also check the layout guide here: … guide.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.