Topic: Problem with svPro 2.1.1 and WYSIWYG Web Builder


    I have been using an old and basic version of Simpple Viewer for a while, as it comes built in to WYSIWYG Web Builder. I then decided to try the pro version. Works great as there is an easy way to upgrade to the pro version inside the Web Builder tool. So I started prototyping a new site and mostly works really well. I worked out how to tweak the gallery.xml to get some of the advanced features working, no problem.

    Only one thing I cant seem to get to work is the HTML5 version, viewable on my iPad. At present the viewer does not appear at all. I just see the background of the page. I have read a number of other forum entries on this topic, but not being an HTML guy, I am flying a bit blind. I have tried to embed some of the suggested info, but I am clearly not doing that right, as it still isnt working.

    My sample gallery is on this page... if anyone has a few minutes to look.

    Any help greatfully appreciated.



Re: Problem with svPro 2.1.1 and WYSIWYG Web Builder

You are using the old embed code in your page in order to use the mobile viewer you need to use the new embed code. You can find the embed code here.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.