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Topic: how to get a SimpleViewer gallery on the internet?

hi.  just got simpleviewer. 

opened a Flickr account, loaded 4 images in there to play with.  svBuilder only seems to load one of the 4 images from my flickr account.

images are all "available to public" to view...so they should show up.  but i get just one showing in the "images" part of svBuilder...

any ideas?

i should add that i have no idea how to actually get a completed gallery on the internet.  thought i read something about using flikr to host the SV gallery i'm creating.  or do i need to buy a domain name?  do i need to find a host for it?  totally lost on this.


Re: how to get a SimpleViewer gallery on the internet?

There may be a delay before recently added or tagged Flickr images show up in API searches.  Try again soon and, if you were using tags, try setting only the 'Flickr User Name' (and not the 'Flickr Tags' field) in svBuilder.
You will need some web space in order to upload your gallery (using an FTP client such as FileZilla).
There are many web hosts available, some of which offer free web space (with better support and more features for paid accounts).  You could use the name provided by the web host (eg username.webhost.com) or you could purchase a custom domain name (though this is not required).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: how to get a SimpleViewer gallery on the internet?

thx steve.

i ended up not using flickr.  went through another web hosting option.

so many questions!  ha.