Topic: Menu/Thumbnail Issues

This is my website:

The menu is doing strange things, it works fine once viewed in fullscreen but I'm not sure how to  correct the website page, any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated, I'm only new to using simpleviewer, thanks!

Re: Menu/Thumbnail Issues

The HTML errors on the page should be fixed.

Your HTML document should start with a Doctype Declaration.
Also, there are no <html> tags, your <head> section ends in the middle of a <style> section, you have no opening <body> tag and there is code after the closing </body> tag (which should be within the <body> section).
A good reference for structuring an HTML page can be found here:

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Menu/Thumbnail Issues

Thanks for your help, the file was made in dreamweaver, so i'll see what I can fix up...

Re: Menu/Thumbnail Issues

You still have 25 Errors, 13 warning(s) when I tried to validate your page. I think you must have a good understanding of the structure and placement of HTML elements and attributes. is a good reference. It teaches you which HTML element can be kept within a another element and what are the attributes you can use with a particular element.