Topic: Customization required


This goes out to any AS/Flash programmer out there that might be able to help :)

I've been trying out your simpleviewer 1.8 for a few days now and I've just bought the pro version, but I do need some customizations for a site of mine.

The site has functionality that it lets the user upload photos into
"albums", once a image is uploaded a function is called that builds
the XML file for that photo album and stores it to disc - and it works

Currently I'm just displaying a simpleviewer in the "upload area" as
well so the user can get a "live preview" of their image uploads by a
javascript refreshing an iframe that contains the simpleviewer every
time an upload is finished.

I got around the force refresh problem by setting the HTTP response
headers for the viewer.swf to no-cache & having a content-expiry date
in the past.

Now what I would want is a separate version of viewer.swf for the
"upload area" which I can pass two variables to (SESSID,albumid).
In this version each image would have a "delete" button that simply points to viewer.php?delete=<img file name>&sessid=<passed SESSID var>&albumid=<passed albumid var> (link target = same document).

I know the above doesn't provide for great security, but I've got
other authentication measures in place which should hopefully take
care of that.

If anyone can help me, please email me at or get in touch with me via this forum.

I've not got enormous amounts of cash to part with to get this working, but I'd be willing to pay a bit to anyone that could help me (paypal?) :)