Topic: published gallery don't ...

I've got a problem with svBuilder 2.0, I bought it last november. I did load the images in to svBuilder. Configured the gallery and published it in a folder on my HD. Now the problem -> the published version don't looks like the version which I configurated in the configuration. instead I got a gallery which looks like an older version, which i generated in svBuilder.
can I solve this problem with the update to a newer version of svBuilder. what else can I do?

thanks for help


Re: published gallery don't ...

Using the most recent version of svBuilder-Pro you can open an existing gallery (even an older SimpleViewer v1.x gallery) using the 'Open Gallery...' button and edit it (to how you'd like it to look) before resaving on the 'Publish' screen.  When resaved, the gallery will be in the v2.x form (even if the gallery started out as v1.x).
The live preview will show you what your gallery looks like before saving.
If a gallery looks like an older version, you make have 'Select Preset...' or 'Gallery Style' (on Customize -> Standard) set to 'Classic' rather than 'Modern'.
You can find the most recent version of svBuilder-Pro in the latest SimpleViewer Pro download package which you can download using the link sent to you in your purchase email.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team