Topic: general functionality and short code

Let me first say that I get easily confused so... 

I've been working with the new WP version of SV.  and the Flickr functionality seems to be working faster now.

Major short comings I'm dealing with now...
Once a SV gallery is placed on a page through GUI, shortcode is placed on that page.  There is a SV tab in the WP admin panel where the user can edit the parameters of the galleries.  However, those changes cannot take effect because the shortcode on the individual pages doesn't change. 

The SV gui doesn't offer a selection method of an existing gallery to be placed in a page.

Gallery widths can't be changed from 100%

Re: general functionality and short code

There is a known bug regarding the gallery width not being saved from the GUI (and changing back to 100% on a subsequent viewing of the edit screen).  This should be fixed in the next version of the WP-SimpleViewer plugin.
In the meantime, the gallery width can be changed by editing the 'gallery_width' attribute of the [simpleviewer] tag in the post itself (and then clicking 'Update' to update the post).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team