Topic: gallery.php

In the old version I don't use gallery.xml. I use gallery.php or a other name.php. This php read my database and make a xml with php DOM. In the new version is it not possible, I can't find it, to use a php.  I see in the index.html no gallery.xml that I can change. :mad: And it's not possible to place a backgroundpicture. You can make the background transparent and place a picture in the frame where you use SV.

Re: gallery.php

You can still use a gallery.php in place of XML, but you will need to update it to the new format and you need to make sure you set the php content type to XML. Use galleryURL to point to your php file.

If you use the Pro version you can set a background image with backgroundURL, otherwise you will can still use the transparent trick.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.