Topic: Question before I buy.

Hello all, I am thinking of buying SimpleViewer but I had one question before I buy as there is a particular feature that is important to my needs.

I of course want to use scaled down images (100 KB or less) in my gallery to improve performance. However, I also want there to be a link for each image that links to the full size, non scaled down version (1 MEG or more) so that if people want to download to print, they can do so. I have seen multiple references to a button that has the option to be displayed that will display the picture in the gallery in a new window. Can this link be altered to show instead another version of the same photo?

I will be hosting all the images on my own web server, so what I envision is 3 folders. 1 with the web sized images, one with the thumbs, and one with the unaltered versions and a link in the gallery for each photo to its unaltered state. Is this something supported by Simple Viewer? or do I misunderstand how Simple Viewer works?

Thank you for your help.

Re: Question before I buy.

For each image, as well as a path to a thumbnail and a main image (for display use in the gallery), you are able to specify a unique link (which could be the path to a full-sized image if you wish) via the linkURL attribute.
In the gallery's XML file, an image entry may look like this:

<image imageURL="images/image1.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/thumb1.jpg" linkURL="originals/original1.jpg" linkTarget="_blank">
<caption>Caption goes here</caption>

The linkURL will be used for the' Open Image In New Window' button and the 'Open Image In New Window' right-click option (shown or hidden via the showOpenButton as described here: … l#standard).
linkURLs can be set manually by editing the gallery's XML file or via the interface in svBuilder-Pro, see Interface Guide #4 here: … derpro/#ui

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team