Topic: Will SimpleViewer-Pro V2 work on Mac PowerPC?

I fear that trying to install SimpleViewer-Pro V2 will result in asking me to update Adobe AIR to v.2.5.1
I have Adobe Air v. and when I try to update that, I get only the newest version which does only work with Intel Macs. Currently installed is Mac OS 10.4.11.
I fear that, if I buy SimpleViewer-Pro V2, it will lead to no installation due to Adobe Air.
Can you advise?

Re: Will SimpleViewer-Pro V2 work on Mac PowerPC?

As far as I am aware, svBuilder and svBuilder-Pro will not run on Adobe Air v1.5.3 (although I am unable to test this and I could be wrong).
Before purchasing SimpleViewer Pro (which includes svBuilder-Pro) you could try installing svBuilder (the Standard version) which comes in the SimpleViewer (Standard) download package on this page:
If svBuilder installs and runs successfully, it is likely (though not guaranteed) that svBuilder-Pro will also work.

Even if you are unable to use svBuilder-Pro, there are many other methods of creating a SimpleViewer gallery: … #templates
As an alternative to these methods, you can also manually edit the sample 'web' gallery which comes in the SimpleViewer Pro download.  This would require editing the gallery's XML file in a plain text editor to customize the Pro options found here: … tions.html

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team