Topic: svBuilder overwrites ALL files in gallery folder?

I'm a new user with SV Pro 2.1.1 on Windows XP, and I just discovered something unusual, at least to me...

When I "Publish", svBuilder-Pro overwrites and replaces ALL files in the gallery folder that have been modified since I opened svBuilder, whether or not they're files that are actually generated by svBuilder. It seems to have created a cache of the files in the gallery folder, whether or not they're SV files, and when the gallery is published it overwrites all files with copies from the cache.

- Is this normal behavior or a bug?
- How can I prevent svBuilder from overwriting files unrelated to it?

To test this behavior, do the following:

1) Close svBuilder if it's already open.
2) Navigate to a gallery folder.
3) Create and save an empty text file in that folder. Note the time and date of the file creation.
4) Start svBuilder and open the gallery.
5) Open the text file created in Step 3, and add some text. Then save and close it. Note the time and date of the file modification.
6) Publish the gallery from svBuilder.
7) Presto! The text file modified in Step 5 has been mysteriously overwritten with the text file from Step 3.