Topic: Preset "minimal" without thumbnails

Creating a gallery using SimpleViewer Pro v2.1.1 with svBuilder-pro.

I want to use the "minimal" preset, but without the thumbnails. Here is an example I found online: … s/minimal/.

I've been browsing the "SimpleViewer-Pro Config Options" page, but it seems to me that there is no option to simply disable the thumbnails. As an alternative I copy-pasted the minimal.xml (../presents/pro/) to minimal_no_thumbs.xml and made some changes to the new file based on the example I found online. This however, does not seem to work. The newly created preset does not show up in the preset dropdown list om svBuilder-Pro. Not even after restarting.

My question is therefore simple. How to disable the thumbnails? Thanks in advance.

Re: Preset "minimal" without thumbnails

Use thumbPosition="NONE" as described here: … tml#thumbs
In svBuilder-Pro, this can be found under 'Customize -> Standard'.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team