Topic: Need help for embedding the sv_gallery into my WP page

Hello everybody,

this is what I did:

I generate a gallery with sv-builder pro v2.1.1.

I uploaded the complete gallery folder with FTP into wp-content/uploads (correct?).

Than I pasted the embedded code from sv-builder into my page (

After I updated the WP page I can't see the gallery on my website (

Is there something else I should do? :/

Please give me a simple explain if possible, because my english is not so good and I'm not so experienced in editing/html etc.

Screenshots would be helpful.


P.S. Do I also need the WP sv_plugin and do I have to go Pro (I know how to do) with the plugin?

Re: Need help for embedding the sv_gallery into my WP page

The WP-SimpleViewer WordPress Plugin is an alternative method of creating and embedding a SimpleViewer gallery into a WordPress post.
If using WP-SimpleViewer WordPress Plugin, the gallery creation process is done through an interface in the WordPress dashboard and the embedding is done automatically without the need to copy and paste embedding code.
You can download, install and use WP-SimpleViewer WordPress Plugin by following the instructions here: … pleviewer/

Alternatively, if using svBuilder to create your gallery, I would recommend uploading the gallery somewhere (not necessarily in 'wp-content/uploads/') and then embed it in your post using an <iframe>, the 'src' attribute pointing to the gallery's HTML index page., eg:

<iframe src="" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Please note that you will need a plugin such as PageView in order to use an <iframe> in WordPress.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Need help for embedding the sv_gallery into my WP page

Thank you Steven.

Now it works great!!!! :D