Topic: layout idea


please excuse my limited language skills.

I have a layout idea that I would like to build in SVpro.

On one side are only thumbnails are visible.
A click on an thumbnail opens a image  over the Tumbnails.
A click on the picture back to thumbnails.

can someone help me?

Thank you

Re: layout idea

i posted a similar request with a filmstrip nav bar appearing on bottom of image when we click on thumbnail icon of the control bar. The advantage is that you can browse thumbs, display what you want and switch nav bar off.
I already noticed that when you display a grid of thumbs over image, you browse thumbs, select one and display image. if you want to browse further, come back to thumb grid choose another thumb... while with a nav bar you see big image and browse thumbs at same time. However a icon in control bar for albums and a page as you describe to select album is nice.

Two different ideas to avoid thumbs on screen all the time