Topic: How to add music to an existing gallery

Hello there

I have quite a bunch of categories in my gallery (eg. people, dogs, cats etc)
I have created a new galleri for each of these categories since they need their own pictures.
In my simpleviewer section in the WP backend i can see quite a lot of galleries with their own ID.
Do I really need one for each even if it's the same? (If I use the same ID, it shows the same picture, so that doesn't work)
Because my problem is I need to add music to the galleries that I have already created and are online.
How do I do that? I would apprecaite if I don't need to re-do, but just can add it somehow.
It would also mean I need to paste it in to every single galleri?(I'm having around 30)

Would appreciate anyhelp

Re: How to add music to an existing gallery

Each gallery ID refers to a single XML file (named gallery_id.xml in the 'wp-content/uploads' folder).
The XML file holds two lots of information:
(1) The gallery's customization options
(2) A list of images to be displayed in the gallery

Do I really need one for each even if it's the same?

If each gallery requires a different set of images, then you will need a separate XML file for each gallery.

To add music to a gallery, you'll need to upgrade your WP-SimpleViewer WordPress Plugin to use SimpleViewer Pro following these instructions: … iewer/#pro
You can then edit a gallery (from the Dashboard, select SimpleViewer -> Edit Galleries) and in the Pro Options box, use the option audioURL ( … html#audio) and save the changes (remembering to upload your audio track to the correct location).
Alternatively, you could add the audioURL option to the opening <simpleviewergallery> tag in the gallery's XML file directly by editing it in a plain text editor.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team