Topic: How to upload new photos

I have installed the Simpleviewer on my friends web site and it looks fine.
But I just don't get it how my friends should do when they want to upload new pictures.

Do they need to have the svManager installed on their computer to admin the photos or is there another way I can do this for them.
What is the easiest way?

Re: How to upload new photos

You can either use svBuilder to build a new gallery and upload that or you can get svManager and manage it on the server.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: How to upload new photos

If you already have the gallery up running, the way to upload new pictures without using any other tools but wordpress, is to add them to the media library and then attach them to the page where you gallery is.
When you create a simpleviewer gallery directly in wordpress using the "add simpleviewer gallery" you have the chance to set that it should use "wordpress library" as image source.

You can also add images directly on your page and then delete the urls again. That will add the images to the library for that particular page.

Hope it helps