Topic: Safari vs Firefox with Simple Viewer


two questions...

1.  i just uploaded some new images to my host for my Simple Viewer Pro gallery.  the images are immediately viewable with Firefox but take quite some time to update with Safari.  anywhere from 10min to several hours.  is this normal?

2.  Is there a max limit with SV Pro for image gallery size?  i though it was 50 or 500.  forget.  i've got 64 and seems to work fine.  wondering how many more i can put without the gallery getting too slow.  images sizes are 300k or less.


Re: Safari vs Firefox with Simple Viewer

(1) If the files have uploaded successfully to your web host and are viewable in one browser, then they will be available to be viewed in any other browser.  It sounds like you might need to clear your Safari browser's cache in order to see the changes made.

(2) The maximum number of images per gallery in SimpleViewer Pro is unlimited (or 500 if using Flickr as the source of images).
If using Flickr, you may want to increase the flickrImageCount from the default value of 50. … tml#flickr
You don't need to worry about the gallery getting too slow as SimpleViewer preloads only the images on the current page of thumbnails (rather than all the images in the gallery).
This behavior can be changed by changing the imagePreloading option. … #mainimage

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team