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I have a series of images that I have exported from Apple Aperture that look fine in Aperture, Photoshop and even the Finder using Quicklook.  However, when I create a SimpleViewer Pro 2.1.2 gallery using SVBuilder Pro, the thumbs and large versions of the images are very low in contrast.  I have tried exporting the gallery out of SVBuilder Pro both with and without Color Correction enabled, but with no effect either way.  Is there a hook somewhere to govern inherent image contrast when constructing the gallery?

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Re: Images flat in contrast

If you look at the images in the gallery folder 'images' folder using finder - are they also low contrast? Or is it only when you view them through SimpleViewer?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Images flat in contrast


Thanks for the quick reply!  Now that you mention it, the files do look ok in the Finder after SVBuilder is finished with them, and also when they've been posted online (  It seems as if its just the SVBuilder interface with affects the apparent contrast of the images.



Re: Images flat in contrast

Try converting the pictures to SRGB colorspace before putting them on the web. If the pictures have AdobeRGB colorspace and they are viewed in a browser, the browser will assume they are in SRGB colorspace and they will loose both contrast and saturation.