Topic: open a gallery: the wrong number of files displayed

I open a gallery created yesterday with svBuilder Pro in svBuilder Pro

I have a list of only 48 files

Yet my gallery has 118 files !

I can see my 118 photos in the gallery in Firefox when I open index.html

In gallery.xml there is the list of my 118 files

I don't understand !

How to find the correct list in svBuilder Pro ?

Thanks for help

B. from Paris

Re: open a gallery: the wrong number of files displayed

If any of your imageURL entries in the gallery.xml file are defined using an absolute path, then these images will not show up in svBuilder-Pro.
However, if you created the gallery with svBuilder-Pro, then all images should be local and all imageURLs should be defined using relative paths and should, therefore, show up in svBuilder-Pro.
Could you please upload the gallery.xml file somewhere so that we can take a look?

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: open a gallery: the wrong number of files displayed

thank you for your reply
I managed to get my whole list
but there is a bug somewhere

I'll try to explain (sorry for my english ! thanks Google translation !) :

1 / I downloaded an image whose name contains a letter with an accent
2 / I see in my gallery that the image does not appear
3 / I change my file and I will delete the accent
4 / I downloaded a second time my image on svBuilder
5 / I have my picture twice in the list, I click the X to delete the old row with the file with accent
6 / it is impossible to delete a row when the file no longer exists !
7 / I leave svBuilder
8 / when  i return in svBuilder, i do not recover my entire list
9 / must manually delete the entry for file with accent in gallery.xml to find my entire list!

ps: another thing:
when we leave svBuilder or when we choose a new gallery you should propose to save the current gallery ?