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Topic: Change HTML layout when not using Flash


I'm trying to change the layout which will show when you deactivate Flash or visitors will see when they don't have Flash installed.

Default it shows all thumbnails as a square. I changed that by altering the CSS.
Not all thumbs will fit now and the images are aligned much to low.

So this is the way it looks now:

Using Firebug I can see the layout is set with these dimensions:

When hovering over the elements this is the extra space these dimensions generate (it lits up):

Using Firebug I can alter the dimensions on the fly to see what would do best for my website:

This is what it would look like (still hovering over the elements so it is lit up)
All images are aligned at the top now.

Now my question: where can I change these dimensions so I will have control over the layout when not using Flash?
And: can I change the number of thumbnails per row?

Please help!

Re: Change HTML layout when not using Flash


The number of thumbnail rows and columns automatically changes to fit the viewing device screen. The CSS and JS files that comprise the SimpleViewer Mobile Player are not designed to be edited and as such we cannot offer support for modifications to those files.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.