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Topic: When editing XML pro options, Thumbnails reverses to "center" focus

As Steven pointed out in another post, one has to go to the particular "post/page" with the gallery afterwards and "Update" the page/post in order to get the changes.
That means it is simply not enough to go media library and change the caption and then just delete cache or see the changes.
Hope others can use this information too.

Thank you

Hello there

I'm a bit confused, but finally noticed what's wrong.
I'm using wordpress own image editing tool to set focus of the thumbnail, and which part of the image it should show. It works like a charm - BUT when editing the Pro Options in the galleries it seems like Simpleviewer forgets everything about the newly thumbnail editing and goes back to the "original" sort to speak.
Even in my library it shows the thumnails I have edited as being the "default" thumbnails, so I don't really understand how this can happend.
So right now I'm having 100's of thumbnails that shows empty skies, brickwalls etc and not the nice details that I seleced when I uploaded the images.

Please Help.
Any direction would be much appreciated

Thank you

Cheers, D