Topic: Simpleviewer thumbs and main image separately

Hi Mike,
I wonder if there is a way to put thumbs and main image in two different divs, cause I would like to have a little text field above the thumbs.(Sample page: Up to now, when I write above the thumbs the text dissapears over the top of the page.
Thanks for advice!


Re: Simpleviewer thumbs and main image separately

It is not possible to split SimpleViewer's components into separate <div>s.  All components are contained within a single SWF file which can be embedded into a single <div> only.

You can, however, use a Fixed Layout to position the thumbnails and main image.

If you want to have a text field above the thumbs, you could use the title option: … html#title

If you choose not to use the title and some of your HTML text is hidden behind the gallery, make your gallery background transparent.  Please see this FAQ for details: … ml#embed_5

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team