Topic: Newbie using BlueVoda Website Builder

Has anyone used simpleviewer with bluevoda?
I've installed Simpleviewer, successfully created and previewed a gallery, and moved files to my site as instructed.
I'm a complete newbie and would appreciate any help anyone can give.

Re: Newbie using BlueVoda Website Builder

If you let us know exactly what the problem is, we may be able to help further. (Do you see a blank space where the gallery should be, are there any error messages that pop up, etc?)
Have a look at the FAQs here and see if any symptoms look familiar:
If you post the URL to your non-functioning gallery, we could perhaps diagnose the problem and even if we are unable to find a solution, you could then redirect the query to BlueVoda's support.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team