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Hi there.
I'm a pro user and have just upgraded to V2.1.2 - I was hoping that mobile support for Simpleviewer and Wordpress would have been included - and unless I've done something wrong, it's not.

Can you please let me know when this will be available - I love Simpleviewer, but not having a simple solution for Wordpress on mobile devices is crazy and most annoying!

Thanks in advance

Re: Support for mobile devices

Work is progressing on the v2.1.2 version of WP-SimpleViewer WordPress Plugin but I do not know when it will be released.
In the meantime, you could create a gallery with svBuilder or svBuilder-Pro and use one of these methods to embed the gallery in a post: … l#external

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Support for mobile devices

Thanks Steven, however one of the main reasons for using Simpleviewer with WP, is that it's very simple!!  What your suggesting looks very complex and time consuming..

Hope we have the upgraded version 'very' soon.


Re: Support for mobile devices

Yes, a mobile version for WordPress would be great.

Re: Support for mobile devices

Thanks for the 2.1.2 WP plugin update!!!

I can't wait to play around with it.  And i'm sure I will be upgrading to the pro version soon.