Topic: Mobile Re-size Troubles

When I use simpleviewer 2.1.1 on a mobile device my web page scales to fit the device window. There are no thumbnails. I can scroll through the images but If there are a large number of images in the gallery they don't all show, it seems to show up to 50. I can zoom in on an image if I want. I have read about these bugs and understand they exist. However when I upgrade to simpleviewer 2.1.2 my initial web page is no longer scaled to fit the mobile device. It is larger. The thumbs aren't apperenatlly there but when you scroll around the page you can find them. When you click on a thumb the image is not scalable. I have tried to use an iframe but the results still don't scale the initial the web page to fit the mobile window. I would like to see an up to date version of this software embedded in web page with a simple left hand menu which scales properly. The web site I am speaking about is Thank you.

Re: Mobile Re-size Troubles

In order for the gallery to scale dynamically depending on the size of the user's browser window, the size of the gallery and all parent containers of the gallery must be defined as percentages (rather than absolute pixel values).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Mobile Re-size Troubles

Also it looks like you are linking to an older version of the "simpleviewer.css" file which is causing issues.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.