Topic: trouble in making Gallery

hi everyone

i can't use the Pro simpleViewer plugin for Wordpress

i bought the plugin, install the correct swf in the correct folder

but when i clic on eye icon chose a name for my gallery and select "image from gallery",

i have this message

Warning: domdocument() expects at least 1 parameter, 0 given in /homez.218/blogusb/www/wp-content/plugins/wp-simpleviewer/build-gallery.php on line 100

Fatal error: Call to undefined method: domdocument->load() in /homez.218/blogusb/www/wp-content/plugins/wp-simpleviewer/build-gallery.php on line 101

i don't kow what to do. please


Re: trouble in making Gallery

This error has been reported before in this thread: … p?id=11864
It would appear that the DOM extension you are using is out of date.  Please use the default DOM extension provided by PHP and it should work properly.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Re: trouble in making Gallery

yes you're right

all is now perfect

SV for ever :)