Topic: Photoshop CS3 Template problem

When I open the Simple Viewer script in Photoshop CS3 I cannot access the "execute" command button at the bottom of the window. It seems like I need to be able to resize this window to get access to the button at the bottom but cannot. I can see the top of the button but not enough to press it.

Re: Photoshop CS3 Template problem

You will either need to increase your screen resolution or use tab to tab down to the button. If you are still having issue I would suggest trying the svBuilder Adobe Air app that comes with the download. Also so you are aware the Photoshop plug-in is not currently using the most up to date version of SimpleViewer version 2.1.2.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Photoshop CS3 Template problem

Yep, using tab works...a little clunky but it will do for now. Many thanks!