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none of my images exceed the default 1024 x 768, yet most of them get cropped.
Firts I thought it was a question of portrait vs landscape, but it's not. I've tried all gallery styles, selected crop and/or resize and deselected them, it makes no diff at all ?! :o

Re: cropped images

I've got it solved, thanks anyway. On to the next issue...  ;)

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How did you solve this?

I have the same problems. I builded up the "old" galleries with the Aperture plugin and it fits with every format. I loaded one gallery in the Version 2.1.2 svBuilder and the results are very good. But now, nothing fits in the portrait or landscape format. The pictures are in 683×1024 or 1024×683 size. In svBuilder the sizes I tried was 1024×768 and now 800x800 with Resize Image ON/OFF and Crop to Fit ON/OFF in all variations.

old (Aperture Plugin) gallery everything works fine

updated gallery with svBuilder 2.1.2 everything works fine

latest gallery only created with svBuilder with landscape format, portrait format and size failure (best example is the tower in portrait format)

Re: cropped images

The reason for the images being cropped is that you are using the COMPACT gallery style.
See here for details: … #general_4
Try MODERN or CLASSIC instead.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team