Topic: Number of Thumbnails

We want to specify the number of thumbnails after each klick on the NEXT Arrow under the thumbnails. 
Like this: First we see 5 thumbnails. We click on the NEXT arrow to see the next set of thumbnails. That is supposed to have 3 thumbnails. Then we click on the NEXT arrow and we want to see 6 thumbnails.
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Re: Number of Thumbnails


this feature is not supported by SimpleViewer. One workaround would be to create multiple galleries, one for each set of thumbnails, then create custom navigation buttons to switch between them.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Number of Thumbnails

Do you mean the flash gallery html as a frame within a navigation frame?
If so, can you tell me where to get the necessary buttons that will fit well with your design because we need this to look professional and not destroy the beauty of the flash interface!

And will the fullscreen button in the flash gallery still work?

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Re: Number of Thumbnails

Instruction for embedding multiple galleries (either on separate HTML pages or on one HTML page) can be found here: … l#multiple
Examples are available to download and modify to suit your needs.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team