Topic: Can I view the gallery from a storage device?

I'm new to all this and certainly not a web designer, but is it possible to use simple viewer as a porfolio gallery and run it from a storage device like a USB stick?

Re: Can I view the gallery from a storage device?

svBuilder (which comes in the SimpleViewer Standard download package) is able to create a standalone gallery in the form of web pages with all required gallery files contained within a single folder.
All you need to do to view the gallery is open the 'index.html' page in a browser.
The browser must have JavaScript enabled and, optionally, Adobe Flash Player installed.

You can try it out.
The standard version of SimpleViewer can be downloaded from this page:
Instructions for installing and using svBuilder can be found here:
(svBuilder requires Adobe AIR 2.0 or higher.)

Please note that certain features (such as using Flickr as the source of the images and the 'Download Button') will work only when the gallery is uploaded to a web server.
However, many features work fine locally.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team