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Topic: How to display SV gallery as an icon in WordPress and use full browser

I'm building a website using WordPress with the SimpleViewer-Pro Plug in.  All of the images are in the standard Wordpress gallery attached to the page.  I've inserted the SimpleViewer Gallery and the slideshow works fine in the webpage or in full screen mode.  I have two related questions on how to display the SimpleViewer slideshow gallery:

1. How can use a SV icon to link to a slideshow instead of having the SV gallery embedded in the webpage?  I'd like the same format as the demo SV slideshows: http://www.simpleviewer.net/simpleviewer/pro/.

2. How can I have the slideshow open in full browser mode?  I don't see anything in the list of SV configurations relating to full browser.  The full screen mode works fine.

I know these may be more WordPress related questions than SimpleViewer.  I'm new to both and couldn't find anything in either sets of documentation.

Re: How to display SV gallery as an icon in WordPress and use full browser

1) The WP-SimpleViewer WordPress Plugin is designed to embed a gallery in a post.
In order to create a link to a gallery instead, you might be better to create a gallery using svBuilder-Pro, upload the gallery somewhere (using an FTP client such as FileZilla) and then simply create a link to the gallery (whether text, an image or a button) in your WordPress post.

2) It is not possible to open a gallery in fullscreen mode due to a Flash security restriction.
If, by full browser mode, you mean like when pressing F11, then this, too, is not possible and must be activated by a user.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team