Topic: Can we change the fullscreen icon to say "fullscreen"

Hello. I used simpleviewer for several years now and am very happy. I have upgraded to pro v2 and am remaking my website where it will feature about 30 - 40 galleries. I have been showing drafts of the new galleries to a variety of people, and they consistently have the same criticism.....they never notice the fullscreen option until I point it out to them.

I know that if you mouseover the icon it says "Go Fullscreen," but people do not even mouseover it or even notice it.

So, I am wondering if the program can be improved to offer an option where instead of the fullscreen icon, there is text that says "Fullscreen."

Thank you!

Re: Can we change the fullscreen icon to say "fullscreen"

There is no facility within the available options to change the Fullscreen icon to text only.
The Fullscreen option can also be accessed via a right-click menu option but perhaps users are more likely to hover over a visible icon to see what it is rather than right-click the Flash presentation.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Can we change the fullscreen icon to say "fullscreen"

If you are familiar with Flash development, another option would be to create your own fullscreen button by embedding SimpleViewer into a container SWF. Check here for details: … ash_embed/

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.