Topic: Trouble Embeding SW in a Flash CS5 file

Hi i am fairly new to flash cs but I am working on a website and got the basics working for me, now I want to embed my SW gallery into my flash file. i folowed the instructions posted here: " … html#flash" but no luck. do I need to create a new moviecllip inside the FLA. for it to work, anyone who cac help me with this?

cheers :)

Re: Trouble Embeding SW in a Flash CS5 file

Did you take a look at the example FLA? It shows how to load and talk to the SimpleViewer SWF.

For an example of embedding SimpleViewer-Pro into a Flash container movie, check the examples/flash_embed/simpleviewer_flash_embed.fla file in the Pro download

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.