Topic: Mobile player caption problem

I have 3 separate image galleries in my site. When viewed on my iPad using Safari, two of the galleries present captions in a transparent bar over the images. The third gallery only shows the images, no captions at all. Also in the that third gallery there is very little empty space between images compared to the way the images appear in the other two galleries.

Is there something I can do to make all three galleries present their images in a consistent fashion and for all three to present their images with captions?

When I view the galleries on my PC using Firefox, Safari, and IE, all three galleries have very consistent presentations.

Here is the website:

The problem gallery is: "Paintings."

Re: Mobile player caption problem

Your gallery.xml setting are different in all 3 galleries I suggest trying to normalize the setting if you want your galleries to look the same. … allery.xml … allery.xml … allery.xml

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.