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I would like to change the order of the photos. I have tried by adding an order under the "Actions" column in my page gallery and choosing to order by menu order, but this does not seem to work. Any suggestions?

Next, my thumbnails are cropping to a square size using the smallest dimension (width) so the images are cut off at the top and bottom (My images are all tall).  I have changed the sizing that I would like the thumbnails to be in the Media section under settings and changed the dimensions there (150 x 100) and I have used regenerate thumbnails AND rebuild thumbnails plugins and still, my thumbnails are cut off at the bottom and top on the simpleviewer. How can I change the thumbnails so either a) they are rectangle and not square or b) so that they add space on to the width instead of cutting off the top and bottom.


Re: Order of photos and cropping of thumbnails

PS I am using WordPress 3.1 I forgot to mention that.  Thanks

Re: Order of photos and cropping of thumbnails

I did order the images correctly - had to clear my browser cache.  Sorry about that.  But the thumbnail question is still outstanding.  Do you have any suggestions?

Re: Order of photos and cropping of thumbnails

You can set the size of the thumbnails by using the thumbWidth and thumbHeight Pro Options.
If using WP-SimpleViewer Wordpress Plugin, you should upgrade the plugin to use SimpleViewer Pro and then enter the settings in the 'Pro Options' text area as:


If using svBuilder-Pro to create a gallery which is then embedding in WordPress, then the thumbnail dimension settings can be found in the 'Image Size' control panel of the 'Images' page.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Order of photos and cropping of thumbnails

Perfect!  This is the pro version, and I put the settings below in the Pro Options section and it worked perfectly! Thank you very very much!!!! :)