Topic: Use Flash unchecked - no images?

Hi there
Using the new SV Wordpress Pro plugin.
When I look at my gallery on a browser without flash or on my iPhone I see no main image and the thumbnails are just the boxes with question marks. … /temporary

if I uncheck "use flash" on the gallery, nothing is displayed at all on the iPhone or browser.  I thought that I read that this program will check if the browser supports flash or not and if it does, will show the flash version, and if not will not show it.

Can you let me know if I have left out a step? We are trying to launch this today.

Re: Use Flash unchecked - no images?

Possibly there is a conflict with a different version of jQuery being loaded on that page. Please try disabling the other versions of jQuery and see if that helps.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Use Flash unchecked - no images?

Yes that did work - at least on the iPhone.  I am happy that my easing slider also works.  And thank goodness that plugin lets you turn it off.  Thank you for your assistance.