Topic: Moved my wordpress - broke my SV????

Hi there

Just worked out all the kinks and went live with my website. So I moved the WP install from a temporary folder to the root.  EVERYTHING is fine except SVPro is BROKEN!!  NONE of the images load!



Re: Moved my wordpress - broke my SV????

I have now deleted the plug-in, went in through FTP and removed the plug-in folder and re-installed.

This is STILL a problem. 

Please get back to me ASAP as we are live. I paid for this program as it seemed an excellent program to use.  I will continue to look on your forum for answers.

Re: Moved my wordpress - broke my SV????

After several hours, the site is working.

For anyone who has this problem, the way I fixed it is this:  delete all the images in your gallery and re-upload them.

Things that do not work and just waste time:

  • deactivating/removing/reinstalling the plug-in
    Changing the permissions on the files to 777
    adding one image on the page to "refresh" the connection
    clearing your cache
    deleting and recreating your galleries

This would be a good thing to put in the documentation.  Make sure you print out the listing of images and the sort order first so you don't lose all that work!


Re: Moved my wordpress - broke my SV????

Oh, or regenerating thumbnails. That is also a waste of time.

Just remove all your images and re-upload them.

Re: Moved my wordpress - broke my SV????

I have done the same today. After "checking and replacing" the bad paths in the sql backup (move to new server) I checked the *.xml-files in wp-content/uploads/* and corrected there the path too. Successfull, my SV galleries are all online without a missing picture.

:) Could help next time.