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Topic: Just a few quick problems

Hi everyone,

I seem to have a problem. I got SimpleViewer up and running on my site, and everything was displaying fine until I realized that it wasn't displaying the flash version in any browser. So I changed all of the flash parameters to true. Somehow, my galleries are no longer displaying my Flickr sets, but are displaying images from some random Flickr feed. In addition, the SimpleViewer branding has reappeared upon loading the page as well as the bottom right-hand corner.

I'd like to think I know what I'm doing, but I'm kind of fumbling through this; any help would be hugely appreciated.

The site is: http://www.johnamars.com

Okay, now I'm really confused. This probably doesn't have to do with SimpleViewer per-se, but when I visit my linked URL http://www.john-mars.com, everything is fine and dandy.