Topic: simpleviewer v2 and iweb v1.1.2

i am attempting to add a simpleviewer gallery to a page on my website. i created a text box in iweb, and enabled that as a hyperlink to link to a file - index.html - which i renamed gallery.html. this .html file resides in a folder for this new web page i want to add. the folder also contains the simpleviewer gallery folder and all its files. i followed the tips in the embedding guide, but have so far had no luck getting it to show up when i ftp it. thanks for your help.

Re: simpleviewer v2 and iweb v1.1.2

Please post the URL of the page you are having trouble with.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: simpleviewer v2 and iweb v1.1.2

thanks mike, but i can't even open the existing gallery i created. i created another gallery, and the same thing happened. it's probably user error, but i just don't have time to figure this out, and will look for another solution.