Topic: New update breaks old galleries


Just to let you know that I updated to the latest WP simpleViewer plugin and it 'broke' all my previously made galleries. All settings I had for "Fixed Layout" were ignored - background colour, font colours, thumbnail borders, positioning of ALL elements, captions, you name it - were all wrong.

Errors this size should have been picked up with wider testing before launching the update.

I strongly urge anyone to back-up your old simpleviewer gallery software so you can restore it in case you experience the same issues.


Re: New update breaks old galleries

Sounds like you are using SimpleViewer-Pro with the WP plugin. Did you upgrade the new version of the plugin to Pro?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: New update breaks old galleries

I followed the upgrade instructions for Pro and still have broken galleries, mostly with the gallery ignoring the width of the css box it's placed in.