Topic: some thumbs in mobile don't show

Been using SV Pro for awhile with no issues. On mobile devices it automatically was switching to the non-Flash version properly. However, today I noticed that several of the thumbs are no longer showing at all in mobile devices only ( If you click where the thumb should be it will take you to the large preview. I understand that the first assumption would be that I must have changed something but I have not. Even more strange is that many of the thumbs still show fine- but not all. I cannot figure out what to do to fix this. Please take a look and see if you can figure out the cause.


Re: some thumbs in mobile don't show

BTW, all of the thumbs show fine when using Flash.

Re: some thumbs in mobile don't show

Going directly to the first thumbnail that does not show in the mobile version ( sparks.jpg) gives an error 404 (file not found) so it looks like some thumbnails do not actually exist on the web server.  If they do exist, check their filenames and check lowercase vs uppercase characters including file extensions.
Thumbnails show in the Flash version as, if a thumbURL does not exist, the Flash gallery uses the imageURL for the thumbnail instead.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team