Topic: Thumb Columns - percent instead of fixed number?

Hi all,

i searched for this topic in the forum but didn't find an answer. Would be great if you could help me :)
Is it possible to change the thumb colums option to 100% width instead having a fix number of columns?

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Re: Thumb Columns - percent instead of fixed number?

This is not possible in the Flash version (where thumbColumns and thumbRows must be set) but in the Mobile version (for mobile devices and browsers that do not have Adobe Flash Player installed) the thumbnail page(s) will fill the available space with thumbnails dynamically changing the number of columns and rows as the browser window is resized.
Try creating a gallery with svBuilder-Pro, ensuring that the 'Use Flash' checkbox (in the 'Customize -> Embed Options' section) is not selected.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team