Topic: problem with 2.1.2 on wp

I just installed 2.1.2 on WP and my galleries are all shifted to the right.  I've tried setting the width explicitly but to no avail. 

I found a post about this cached thru google but it seems to have been removed from here.  It looks like that person has fixed the problem.  Can anyone tell me what I need to do?  I would very very much appreciate it.


Re: problem with 2.1.2 on wp

Hello Jennifer,

I had the same problem ( an older version ).  I loaded the [ ..... ] in a div and then added margins and padding where needed.


Re: problem with 2.1.2 on wp

good plan, did your thumbnails remain?  i set the gallery width explicity to a set pixel size.  That moved it back, to where it should be, but the thumbnails disappeared.