Topic: simpleviewer and dreamweaver

Hello,  I just downloaded you free product the other day, I built one gallery so far so good( I guess) When i created the gallery of about 10 images, it published it, then i got a script code or javascript. My question is  Where do i put javascript or scripts in my website? Do i put it in the main index or does it go in the gallery i made? If the script code goes in the gallery i made well i appears it already has it. I want to use a template that i made  for the gallery but i not sure how to do it, if i load the swf file it show nothing, if i drag the xml file in it says no xml gallery. any ideas?  no i have no url yet but once i get the site done then i will get a url not until.Thanks

Re: simpleviewer and dreamweaver

The 'Embedding Using Dreamweaver' section of the 'SimpleViewer Embedding Guide' can be found here: … reamweaver

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team