Topic: SimpleViewer Pro 2.1.2 color correction not working


I have just downloaded 2.1.2 but I can't get color correction working. I have used svBuilder-pro to create a simple project, containing two jpegs. The first has an embedded sRGB profile and should appear normally. The second image has an embedded sGBR profile and will look odd on a non-color corrected browser, but should look fine when color corrected.

Irrespective of settings in Simpleviewer, I cannot get the second image to display correctly. Too see what I mean, have a look here: … index.html

The set of peppers on the left is normal, but the colours on the set on the right are wrong. If you right click on the 'wrong' image and open it in a new broser tab (assuming your browser is color corrected) you should see the correct colors.

Any ideas?

Re: SimpleViewer Pro 2.1.2 color correction not working

The GBR color profile is not a standard profile and will probably give you issues I would suggest you use the Adobe RGB (1998) profile. Anyways it looks like you got your image from here, … n_as3.html. As far as I know color correction is supported in flash version 10+, but his example doesn't look like it works to me. I have the most recent versions of flash installed in my browsers and his example says that color correction is not supported.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.