Topic: Can't even run the Server Compatibility Test

I purchased the svManager and tried to run the Server Compatibility Test as per the instructions. I can't even run that to see what else won't work.

I think the problem is hosting my website on with Microsoft. I had another php based gallery and a flash video that no longer work properly since I moved to for hosting.

Chrome and Firefox just download the PHP file and Microsoft Explorer 9 basically shows me all the raw text rather than open as a webpage. (screen shot : )

I don't think I have any rights to change the web hosting options.

Has anyone else experienced this or have a solution?

Re: Can't even run the Server Compatibility Test

Quote Microsoft ( … 42825.aspx):

Based on customers' feedback, Microsoft Office Live has continued to fine-tune its web site design tools to help their customers' further customize the look and feel of their web site. Customers' comments and input always helps to improve the services. Usage of PHP and other scripting languages is a long awaiting feature. May be in near future this feature will supported. However, there is no fixed time frame. I would suggest you to submit your feedback. Visit the following link to submit feedback:

I think this means "we know you want php but you can't have it".


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Can't even run the Server Compatibility Test

Hey Jack,

Ha.... well, I guess that answers my questions and confirms my thoughts.

Thanks for finding that info. At least I won't try to troubleshoot it anymore.

I appreciate your help,