Topic: Basic Logic of system

I'm working on galleries in Lightroom 2.0 to post to a website.
Since captions were too large  I read posts for simple viewer that said I could modify html in the text files to fix letter size. I did that and size letter changed worked but then 3 photos disappeared. Not enjoying the process of editing html for every one of the 60 captions, I purchased and did manage to install simpleviewer pro 212 believing that it offered an easier way to modify captions.

Following posts in simple viewer pro I now see it refers me to changing the html in the SV Builder. So am I back to where I started?

I'm afraid I don't understand the basic logic. How do Simple Viewer Pro and Lightroom work together? Should I be working in Simple Pro Viewer to start and not be working in Lightroom? I don't seem to be able to open the galleries I've made in Lightroom with the Simple Viewer Pro so I'm missing the understanding of how these work together.

Thanks for any insights.

Re: Basic Logic of system

Lightroom comes with a web module called 'Airtight SimpleViewer' which uses an older version of SimpleViewer.

Instead, you can download and use 'TTG SimpleViewer-2' from here: … eviewer-2/
Once installed, 'TTG SimpleViewer-2' can be found in the 'Web' section in Lightroom.
To upgrade this module from SimpleViewer Standard v2.1.1 (which it comes with) to SimpleViewer Pro v2.1.2, follow the instructions here: … #lightroom
(Copy the entire 'svcore' folder rather than just the 'simpleviewer.swf' file.  The instructions should be updated soon.)
Although a gallery created after the upgrade process will use the Pro files (lifting the image limit and removing the SimpleViewer link), any Pro options will need to be added to the gallery's XML file manually.

Only svBuilder-Pro provides an interfacet to change all available Pro Options.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team