Topic: SV Builder stopped working

So I used SV Builder to create a few galleries several weeks ago when I first purchased it - worked great. Now I go to use it today and I can't get it to do anything it stops working at the first screen asking if I want to start a new gallery or open an old one. I can't click on anything, none of the toolbar options respond either.

I've restarted my computer, restarted the program, downloaded it a second time and it doesn't respond. I haven't done anything to my computer since building the last few galleries and I still have more I need to make!

*Update: two days later its still not responding.

Re: SV Builder stopped working

Try the following

Close svBuilder.

Delete the svBuilder folder found in the location below
Mac: /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/svBuilder-Pro
PC: “C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Adobe\AIR\ELS\svBuilder-Pro”

Then restart svBuilder.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.